Email: info@tarpontotalfitness to schedule a lane time and equipment

*Please shcedule a date/time around the below current booking times 

  • The gym is open Monday-Friday 5am to 9pm, Saturday 7am-6pm, and Sunday 8am-5pm.

  • Our pool is open for lap swim all day except for 1PM-2PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday when half the pool (2 lanes) are used for Water Aerobics.

  • Our Drop-in fee is $15.00 per person and it’s good for the whole day, so if you want to come back on the same day to train again it’s totally cool.

  • Also, all the CrossFit/Functional Fitness Equipment can be moved to the poolside, we just don’t leave it out at night for safe keeping. So as long as you and your training partner can move it from the main gym to the pool, we would really appreciate it if you can move it back inside when you’re done training.