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Personal Training

Personal Training and Strength Training

Are you exercising and not getting the results that you want?
It doesn't matter if you ever had a Personal Trainer before, or even if you ever worked out in your life! Our certified Personal Trainers will help you to reach your health and fitness goals. Our Personal Trainers will devise a custom fitness program based on YOUR unique and individual needs and goals.
Roy Gutierrez Personal Trainer
Roy Gutierrez has been coaching others in athletics and fitness for more than 20 years. He is certified by the American Council On Exercise and has a background in gymnastics, martial arts, distance running and natural bodybuilding . He believes achieving your fitness, weight management or athletic goals is a "One Step at a Time" process starting with a positive mental attitude to learn about acquiring good health first. Building your endurance level along with flexibility exercises is next. Strength, balance, coordination and power training should also be included to complete a comprehensive wellness and fitness program. If you are a interested in post rehabilitation, senior or general fitness, weight management with nutritional guidance, body conditioning, sport specific athletic training or bodybuilding the basic principle is the same. His expertise is in modifying fitness principles to match your personal situation so you can achieve your personal goals. Learn More About Roy.

Daniela Personal Trainer
Joan Stolz is a personal trainer who is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She moved to Florida from Michigan four years ago. While in Michigan, Joan competed in bodybuilding, was a recreational runner, and along with her husband, she owned an indoor baseball and softball training facility. Joan conducted speed and agility training sessions with youth ball players. Since moving to Florida Joan has led boot camp classes, instructed club soccer teams with speed and dexterity drills, and has focused on personal training. When she is not training others she is cheering on her two children as they compete in sports and training herself for triathlons. Joan feels that strength training is an essential component that should be incorporated into everyone's fitness regimen. Maintaining bone density and toning muscles help us ward off common diseases such as osteoporosis, and they are key factors in preventing injuries.